Following people without seeing their observations

Before making a feature request, I wanted to make sure it’s not possible to follow people without seeing their observations on your dashboard. (If it is, how?)
This probably defeats the whole purpose of following someone, but there are a few situations where you would like to follow someone that uploads many observations; and you don’t want your dashboard to be filled with these kind of notifications:
-You have a good relationship with the person
-The person has helped you with identifications and you want to return the favor in some way
Would like to hear your thoughts!

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iNat is in the middle of redesigning the notifications system, including the dashboard, so you can direct your thoughts and ideas here:


one thing I do is create collection projects to ‘follow’ people - one for people who add a lot of IDs I am interested in and another specifically for iNat/botany newbies who I am helping with extra ID help. Then when I go to the Identify page I can set to just those projects.


@charlie Yes, that’s useful, thanks! However, I was referring to (sorry for my poor explaining) following someone just for the sake of… being nice to someone who has helped you? Not because you have any particular interest in their observation, although clearly the feature to receive notifications based on their observations should be kept.
@bouteloua Thank you, I will do that later!


Closing this one to focus future discussion at the main notifications topic.

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