For Seek app - Sign with User name doesn't work across platforms

First off, I love using this app - it’s up to their in my top 5 apps I use. But if I want to look at my observations on my iPad from my iPhone it doesn’t show the same stats as my iPhone. I’ve tried logging out and back in on my iPad but no luck (it just shows the species I’ve looked at on that particular device).

Are you sure you’re using the same account? Sometimes when you log in via Facebook or Google a new account is created if those third parties are not linked to your existing account. The username which you are logged in as should appear at the top of the screen.

Ugh, sorry to subject you to my giant mug.

Just fyi, this is for the Seek app, not the iNat app ;).

But, I have logged out and logged into the Seek app a couple of times and no luck :(. I don’t mind staring at you’re picture by the way ;-).

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Observations inSeek are not synced between devices, they are only stored within the app itself. The iNaturalist link is there only for submitting an observation to iNaturalist, it’s a one-way connection. So this is why the counts are different between your devices. We tried to make this more clear in recent version of the app, since it definitely wasn’t clear before. But this screen only appears when you log in to iNat via Seek:

We are looking into the possibility of being able to sync data between devices, but I can’t make any promises. A major impetus for Seek’s creation was to make a privacy-first alternative to iNat which doesn’t, by default, put any personally identifying info onto our servers.

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Ok, ty for the clarification ;).