Forum FAQ missing?

I was looking for help on how to do something in the Forum, and tried going to the forum FAQ (both via the “three-bar” menu at the top of the forum page, and via the “FAQ” tab on the “About” page. In both cases, the link redirected to the iNaturalist “Terms of Service” page.

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Yes, I just tried that too, and even tried typing over the last bit of the page address to manually force it to go to FAQ, but it still took me to Terms instead. ( changed to


@tiwane @carrieseltzer @loarie @bouteloua Any ideas?


Did anyone ever reply to you, @twainwright or @row_nature, to say if this was intended behavior?

It was changed to go to the iNat FAQ page earlier this year.

No, not yet.

Well, that’s perhaps more helpful than it was, but it’s not a Forum FAQ, which is what I was looking for. I finally found the answers I was after in the Discourse New Users Guide. It would be nice if the iNat Forum menu had a link to that, and to the Discourse FAQ.


That’s great! I’ve been wanting that too! Thanks for the links! :-)

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