Found a potential misID on an iNat guide

Not sure where this should go, but I just came across this guide

and noticed that the example photo does not look like it belongs to Cucujidae but rather something closer to Lycidae, say. However, I can’t find a place where I can contact the guide creator notifying them of this potential error, so the forum here is the next thing I thought of.

It appears that guide was made by finatic (BJ Stacey), who sadly has passed away since the guide was made. I’m not sure if there’s any way to edit a former user’s guides in a situation like this.


Yes, I think the best general solution to this would be to message the creator on iNaturalist. Guides are user-created and not “regulated” by iNat (or under active development at this point). In this case, I think that there isn’t a way to change this since the guide creator will be not able to respond.

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