Freehand or KMZ bounding boxes?

When doing searches in Explore, is there a way to either free-draw a bounding box for a search or (even better) import a KMZ boundary file? I’m trying to look at species counts for some parks/reserves that don’t already have defined boundaries in iNat.

Why not create a place? If you have a KML boundary file (not sure of the difference between KML and KMZ), creating a place is easy.




kmz is a compressed or zip type file containing kml files :)

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welcome to the forum, @daniel_e :)

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Hmm, okay, so will iNat take KMZ?

no, as far as i’m aware…

@trscavo Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware of the creating places feature. I looked into it last night, and it will do exactly what I wanted. I’ll just make KML files for the boundaries and then import them.


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