Error code when trying to add a kml file to create a new place

using Google Chrome, via website:
I am trying to add a kml file to create a new place for a new project. However when I add the file I get the following error “There were problems importing that place: Latitude can’t be blank, Longitude can’t be blank, File was invalid or did not contain any polygons, Place geometry can’t be blank”

Our GIS tech created the kml file from our ArcGIS system, we had no problem doing this to create our Surrey, BC place boundary, so am wondering what the issues is? I am not a GIS tech. Otherwise I will have to add each new project by drawing the park boundary manually if it does not exist in Google Earth. The file displays fine as a kml in the web version of Google Earth. So the attributes are there to define the boundaries. Would really like to get this resolved as we have numerous projects to add.

It’s going to be pretty hard to diagnose without the content of the file itself. Could you maybe post the file to something like Google Drive and link to it here? Or you can private message me for my email address and I’ll take a look at it.

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@surrey-bc_biodiversity Can we see the URL to the file? Or potentially send it to a paid professional to get it finished.

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I got this error code when I tried uploading the compressed .kmz file rather than the .kml file. Check your file extension?


I got this error when my polygon was self-intersecting (the boundary line touched or crossed itself). Using the “Check Geometry” tool in ArcGIS to find self-intersections.

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Welcome to the forum @maramahopkins!

In case anyone is curious, the problem was that the file had multiple features in it, which iNat doesn’t like. Since we’ve solved it, I’m going to close this report.