Frog/Toad Tadpole life stage? Part 2

In July 2020 there was a post asking about which life stages to assign for observations of tadpoles

the answer from sciencegirl02 was very good: Larvae are the aquatic stage of a frog or toad’s life. If it is still spending all its time in the water, and uses its gills to breath underwater, that’s larvae! Juvenile is when the young frog or toad makes it on to land. At this point they will look basically like tiny versions of the adults, with front and back legs; what tail they have remaining will start to shrink. So in summary, if it’s still living exclusively in the water that’s larva, if it’s moved on to spending some time on land that’s a juvenile.

My concern is that people may assign life stage of juvenile to tadpoles as the taxon page for spring peepers ( ABOUT tab’s section on Diet has 2 subheadings. One for juvenile and one for adult. In the juvenile section it discusses tadpoles.

QUESTION: Does anyone have the ability to enhance the wikipedia page to add info about life stages and/or EDIT the diet section and replace word Juvenile with ‘Larvae (tadpoles)’?

Under lifespan it does mention larval stage and tadpoles. just not in the same sentence.

I apologize if I’m misunderstanding this, but I’d say that a juvenile would just be a frog that isn’t yet adult size or a freshly metamorphosed frog with little to tail remaining. I don’t see a reason for it to be replaced by larvae as they represent two separate annotations. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many users annotate much in the first place, but if you see an incorrectly annotated observation, you can add a message for them to change it.

Done, except I left larva as singular, as with the subsequent heading (adult).

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