Funding opportunity for citizen science projects

Experiment, a science crowdfunding platform, just announced a $10k Challenge Grant for environmental citizen science projects:

I thought this may be interesting and applicable for folks who run projects here on iNat. If you’re curious about Experiment, you can read more about the process here:

Some stats and useful information:

  • Projects can take place anywhere, but the team must have a bank account in the US, Canada, or UK to receive funding.
  • To be eligible for the challenge, your project should be submitted by Oct 15
  • Takes ~2 hours to fill out an Experiment project.
  • Success rate is 46% (but we expect it to be higher given the $10k in funding to be distributed).
  • Average amount raised by a project is $4,120

It’s a proportional prize contest, meaning the $10k will be distributed amongst all the participating and eligible projects. You can read more about that on the site.

Feel free to ask questions or suggestions for other groups that could use this opportunity! Please help spread the word to iNaturalist projects that you think could benefit from this kind of opportunity.


Cool initiative, just a shame it’s only restricted to those 3 countries. Do you reckon it could be expanded in future to other nations, especially developing countries (given these are the places most likely in need of funding like this)?


Definitely. I know the Experiment team wants to expand. It’s just a matter of time. To clarify: projects can take place anywhere in the world, it’s just the bank account that accepts the money needs to be in the US, UK, Canada.


Update on this! The submission deadline was moved back to November 13th to give folks more time to apply. Early applications still strongly encouraged!

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If I may piggyback on this post rather than create a new one - the Pollinator Partnership has announced its annual fellowship for graduate students in US institutions studying pollinators. Apply by January 15th, 2021. Details here:

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