Fundraising link in an iNaturalist Project?

Is it permissible to include a fundraising link in an iNaturalist Project description? Our local arboretum had to cancel its annual wildflowers festival this year, a major fundraising event. We were thinking of having a virtual Wildflower Show with opportunity to support the Arboretum though a link? Is that allowable in iNat?


I have no idea what the official iNat policy is on it, but personally as a frequent iNat user I think that’s totally appropriate for this particular event, since supporting an arboretum fits very well in line with the purpose of iNat. If it were a completely unrelated cause, that would be frowned upon, but personally I’m all for supporting a local arboretum through an iNat project, especially while we’re in pandemic social distancing!

Thanks for your reply, I will wait a day or so to see if any others comment before I move forward.
Much appreciation

According to the Terms of Service ( iNaturalist is for non-commercial use only, but says nothing about asking for donations to a non-profit. As a user I would not object, so long as it is done discreetly.

If you want a clear answer try


I suggest go ahead with it. You’ve made a reasonable effort to clarify if it is allowed, and if staff come back and say no, then you can pull it from the project page easily and with little to no harm. I’m inclined to think that as a non-profit you would be fine, but if concerned at all you could put it as a link to your website where the donate request could be made.

Kia Kaha

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If the project is a legitimate iNaturalist project and there’s a link in the About section for it, I wouldn’t personally have an issue with it.


thank you to all who have commented, all very helpful and I will follow through and report back.

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