Funny iNat observations?

What funny iNat observations have you seen? And do you think intentionally funny observations have any value?

The funniest ones I have seen are many of the homo sapiens observations and the ones where a person is holding nettles or poision oak/ivy/sumac


These projects were specifically designed to gather such observations:
This project is a little different, but a similar concept:
iNat is not intended for observations of people, but otherwise any observation, funny or not, can be of value.


I wouldn’t say that I have that many funny observations, especially since most of my photos are of plants.
Probably my three favorites are
Any photo with signs that are ironic with the photo make a good observation.


Interesting. Thank you.

There’s a project for this too:


Two male lizards fighting.


Wow! I like this one. Looks like it came out of an ukiyo-e woodblock print!

These donkeys were blocking the road on my way home from hiking last summer:

A pesky red-winged blackbird caused quite the ruckus at the airport back in April. Very entertaining for those of us waiting for our flights:


This hedgehog is up there with the Mona Lisa in terms of enigmatic smiles:

Juvenile Fulica atra picking/playing with its comically-large foot:

Nest-building is serious business for Fulica atra:

I don’t know what the forum policy is regarding linking other people’s observations, but there quite a few absolute gems in the Geralds of the World project, especially one of a brawl involving a Mountain Cottontail, a squirrel and a few birds, as well as one of a little raven with a seemingly concerned expression being embraced by a Jesus sculpture.


Not to hype myself up but I like to think I had a good one (read: corny) with this observation.


This might be counted as an ironic 10mph speed limit sign. A bit ambitious even for these sporty Italian snails.

What is funny about nettle though? It’s easy to hold it without being hurt.

Welcome to the forum, Pete!

This hawk is looking for a snack -

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The lighting/shadow in this fly observation I made the other week cracked me up when I was editing it to post - hadn’t noticed in the field:


I don’t have many funny observations of my own, but I’ll share some that make me smile!
Now deleted, but someone gave this the maverick ID of ‘Tiger’ and I think that’s wonderful.
Ignore the elephant seal.
Upside down!
That’s his chair now!

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I don’t have many funny observations either, but here’s a couple.
Green frogs fighting for territorial rights
An impatient, highly-opinionated female White-breasted Nuthatch waiting for her turn at the feeder.

This guy was just near an intersection watching the roadway very intently:

I’m sure he had many a fine meal in mind.

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Found them
bunny brawl:
raven and Jesus:

Also found this raven:
and this crow:
that I found amusing :grin: