Garden chafers food plants

Yes, very specific, but In order to save my lawn I was wondering what garden chafers eat, since I was going to try to breed them indoors, rather than them destroying my garden.

The garden chafers feeds on the leaves, buds and flowers of a wide range of trees and shrubs, but the damage is usually trivial.
They mostly feed on bloomed flowers.

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do you know which trees and shrubs?

According to Wikipedia the adults eat “mainly oak leaves, hazelnut and birch leaves, as well as cherry and rose petals”. For larvae “roots of clover, grasses and crops (cereals, cabbages, cucumbers, beets, peas)”.


Sorry I dont know about which shrub or tree specifically,but they feed on mostly all the shrubs and trees

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Russian Wiki says adults eat leaves and flowers of cabbage, cucumber, beat, pea, cereals and many kinds of trees and shrubs. Larvae eat roots of cereals, beat, clover, fruit trees, etc.


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