Invertebrates feeding on the roots of dead plants


can you tell me which invertebrates in France feed on the roots of dead plants?

It is an interesting question. Can you give us more context on why you are asking? There are likely several thousand species of invertebrates in France that at least occasionally feed on dead plant tissues, including the roots. Do you have a specific plant in mind? A specific type of feeding?

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In fact, a month or two ago, I added, in my terrarium, a clod of soil comprising several plants (mainly Fumaria capreolata, Geranium and Vicia). the problem is that the plants have not held up as well as I thought and are almost completely dry.

Since I would like to avoid removing them entirely by hand (including the roots), I was wondering what types of invertebrates could get rid of them for me.

In my terrarium, I have Armadillidium vulgare, Glomeris (G.margunata and G.esterelana), Julidae, cockroaches, a Gryllomorpha dalmatina, mealworms and two Polydesma).

can these invertebrates play this role or do I turn to other types of invertebrates?

Armadillidium vulgare feed mainly on decaying plant matter, and I believe some of the the other arthropods you list do as well. So as long as they have access to the roots, I would expect that they (plus fungi, bacteria, etc.) will consume your dead roots for you.

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