Generate printable images of map views

I was wondering if there is a way to print images from map views. I’m working on a presentation on the current Painted Lady migration, and would like to print out different daily images of the distribution map over a period of time. I know how to set the range of dates for each view - but being able to click a map view to create a printable image would be a very useful feature to add if it doesn’t already exist.

it doesn’t address printability, but you may want to check out this thread (

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A workaround may be to just screenshot the map view while it’s opened fullscreen in your browser and print that.


Yes, I was thinking about saving single images and then animating a series of them. This thread considers another way of doing this and should be very helpful. Thank you!


Thank you for the suggestion. This seems to be the easiest thing to do in the short term. I’ve already done eight weekly snips from screenshots. Also, iNaturalist keeps the same area in the frame as I change the time range, so that makes getting successive shots really quick and simple.


I think I’ll close this for now as there are several options for accomplishing what was asked for.