Genus Lamprocystis: Snail or bacteria and resulting confusion

Genus Lamprosystis as bacteria results in “about” tab being wrong

This bug report results from the Genus name Lamprocystis referring to both a snail and a bacteria. This leads to confusion when following both the “about” tab.

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Step 1: Do an Explore with Genus Lamprocystis and find two possibilities: snail or bacteria

Step 2: When looking at about under the bacteria possibility the snail description comes out.

Step 3: In addition the source of the “about” tab is EOL, which I think the app has trouble displaying but this is not the subject of this report.

The wikipedia link for the ‘About’ tab on the bacteria page is now disabled, no articles exist for the iNat site languages.

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@crseaquist in the future, if you notice an issue with a taxon, please flag that taxon for curation by clicking on “Curation” (under the graphs) and selecting “Flag for curation”.