Genus Taxon Grabbing Erroneous Subphylum Wiki Description on Android / Mac App

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android, iOS

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): Android - 1.29.3, iOS - 3.2.11

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Android -

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Noticed when posting the Vertebrata observation - seems to be grabbing a description from the Wikipedia article for the Subphylum Vertebrata (i.e. Chordates), but only for the mobile iOS / Android versions of iNat - the desktop version (image included as the third image in this post) does not seem to display this issue.

Unknown how wide an extent this is affecting things - presumably this is tied with how specifically Wiki article for Vertebrata does not have a disambiguating setup for it to separate out and other identically named categories, but at the same time I’m unsure why it is only affecting the mobile experience and not the webpage iNaturalist client. Potentially may be affecting other taxon divisions with the identical names, but I do not know of a quick way to search for other taxon which may be in these circumstances (most of which are likely outside of what I pay attention to on iNat).

Registered this as a flag on Vertebrata, but as this is a technical issue was suggested to file this in this forum as well for more prompt and direct followup.

Step 1: Open Genus Vertebrata page on iOS / Android iNaturalist App

Just curious - what happens with other names used for several taxa, e.g. Thunbergia:

Checking now.

Genus Thunbergia 1030887 (Thunbergia Harvestmen) displays the wiki page creation encouragement template on website, but displays the text of the Genus Thunbergia 129035 (Thunbergia Clockvine) on iNat Android. Can’t seem to be able to bring up the genus level page on iNat iOS,

Genus Thunbergia 552329 (Thunbergia Seedbugs) displays the wiki page creation encouragement template on website, but displays… a blank text (a set of ellipses) on iNat Android and iNat iOS. I’ve attached a picture of this to the post.

So… the issue doesn’t seem to be exclusively arising from just differing levels of taxon, but from same named taxon without descriptions in iNat?


If someone else can also confirm / replicate this issue present on their own iOS / Android instances, that’d be great - maybe it’s version specific?