Getting Location Info out of iPhone Photos

Until recently I kept the location tagging off of photos out of, I don’t know, paranoia. I know it still knows where the photos were taken though, because it tries to make location-specific slideshows all the time. is there a way to dig that location info out of the photo?

Second question is, if not, it it “worth it” to upload the old photos? It’s fun and educational for ME, but if I have to approximate location to like 25 miles is it just clogging iNat up?


If you feel like doing it, go for it! If you take enjoyment from it, that makes it worth it.

Again, you do you. If you’re taking something from it, it’s not clogging anything up or problematic at all.

Part of what makes the site what it is is that people can use it in their own ways.


In the photos app, if it has embedded location data you should be able to see it by opening up the photo (on the phone) and clicking the “i” info button at the bottom. You should also be able to get any embedded location data with an exif reader app as well.


This will also depend on what species you’re taking photos of. More mallards or honeybees… probably not. But some obscure fly only known from a few specimens collected decades ago… heck yes.


25 miles is probably not a problem, as long as you plot them in the correct habitat. For example if it’s a species that you saw on the beach, pick a location that’s on the beach, not a few miles inland. It’s always odd to see sea anemones or other marine creatures show up on the map well away from the ocean because they were plotted in the nearest city with a large uncertainty radius.


Not a problem, as long as you enter the appropriate “accuracy” radius to go with your map location when you upload. (Or add it later via the web site if it’s hard to do from the phone app.) 25 miles equates to 40234 meters for the accuracy radius.

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Thank you everyone! No, the photos app has no info under location because I deliberately turned it off in the past. I just tried an exif reader and no dice.

25 miles was just a figure I pulled out; I can probably get them within a mile or two at the worst. So that’s comforting.

Some of my even older photos from my little point and shoots don’t even have the correct date. Probably won’t post many of those if I ever even get around to it.

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