Getting the attention of curators

I’m curious to know how i can find out who the curators of particular taxa are so that i can get their attention faster.

I have made several flags over the past few days and have yet to get a response from many of them. If anyone knows of a quick way to get their attention that would be great as well.


Keep in mind that not all taxa have curators specifically assigned to/responsible for them. Assuming you have butterflies in mind, there is no butterfly curator.

You can find a list of all curators here:
A lot of flags exist and are made every day, but there aren’t a huge number of curators, so flags can slip between the cracks.

The fastest way to get anyone’s attention, curator or not, would be to @ tag them on the flags in question. Feel free to tag me on any of the flags and I’ll see if I can help.


Some flags are waiting responses or months and even years, so it’s a normal thing, as there’re far more flags than curators.



Thanks for the link and for offering to help! I have a number of taxa so i might be tagging you a lot

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