Global BIG Day (Birds)

We just got back from the field and are in the process of verifying our species list and counts for the day, I hope to have it finished this afternoon…

What were some highlights of your Global BIG day?

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I’m visiting family, but still managed to get an hour for birding and since I’m in a new spot, I saw three for my life list:
a red-bellied woodpecker, black vultures, and a white ibis!


My closest friends and I live all spread over North America - this big day we made a shared trip report on eBird and all contributed to it so we could “bird together”. The five of us hit 100 species combined and it was a really fun addition to the day!

I’m visiting family for Canadian Thanksgiving, so got to check out different spots than my usual. Bird highlights are some lifer Gadwalls and a fantastically charming Merlin which perched very close to where I was viewing some ducks!


No big news but I did see a small flock of Palm Warblers, several Common Yellowthroats, and an immature Red-headed Woodpecker. My lists today were pretty scanty and the species are just the ones I see every day, but they are still fun to see and I enjoyed the day.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun!

I’m including photo of a very curious Common Yellowthroat. I thought it was kind of cute.


Didn’t know it was yesterday, would be nice if iNat had a bioblitz, seeing how people in journal posts tell users to use eBird for it.

Yesterday we had rain all day because of Julia hurricane, and today the birds were more scarce than others days. Still some cute birds, mostly migrants:

S. petechia and ruticilla (new record for me), T. tyrannus and dominicensis a M. luteiventris and a few tyranids more.


I put in substantially less effort this year than I have the previous two years, and got basically the same number of species:

Today - 55 species Trip Report
2021 - 56 species Trip Report
2020 - 55 species Trip Report

Some of our winter residents arrived today (Golden-crowned Kinglet & Swamp Sparrow), and I had a good morning for warblers.

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Wasn’t able to do the Big Day on Saturday, so I did it this morning instead. 24 species (3 heard only). Highlights were Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove, Lovely Fairywren, Pacific Emerald Dove, Fairy Gerygone, a lifer Yellow-Spotted Honeyeater (I’ve probably seen it many times, but without the call I cannot for the life of me tell it from the extremely similar Cryptic Honeyeater, but this one was calling which makes it easy) and hundreds of Chestnut-Breasted Mannikin. I heard a Barred Cuckooshrike but I didn’t actually see it, a bummer, as that would have been a lifer.

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Thanks for bringing this up!

I’ve been in anew location for the past few months, so I was fortunate to join the bird club here for the first time. We hope to use the new memberships to spur regular outings.

Turn out was decent, and observations were exciting.

Photographing birds with a DSLR tantamounts to work, so I stick to binos for outings like this, makes it more leisurely.

Also, I spotted a rare butterfly species. First live photo on iNat.

Memorable Big Day!


beautiful photo!

It was quite rainy, so I kept my camera inside my jacket most of the morning.

We identified about 29 species, somewhat typical for the spot, and the season, we have had a couple very strong storms over the past week, so that may have contributed to low species count.

However, we did stumble upon 2 Chestnut-crowned Antpitta within 15 feet of us, close enough to see with my naked eyes, hearing their call at that range was magnificent, the specimen I saw was visable for 2 seconds and scurried off into the brush as per-the antpitta does, incredible.

Later in the day we found ourselves virtually surrounded by a mixed species flock of Azara’s Spinetail, Spectacled Redstart, Pearled Treerunner, Yellow-breasted Brushfinch and a new one for me, a handful of Russet-crowned Warbler all devouring a huge plant in front of us, my partner has really cool footage of this as it was easier to film them from a phone than to shoot stills with my DSLR.

it was a cold sleepy, rainy day but still a wonderful outing as always.


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