Going to the next page in ID mode

Hi, is there a keyboard shortcut for going to the next page in ID mode, or can the number of observations on one page made to be larger than 30? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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The blue “more observations” button should automatically react to the enter key.

You can also add &per_page=100 (or any other number) to the url. Loading will take longer if you do that.


Small typo, the url chunk is &per_page=100 with the underscore.

I use 100 all the time instead of 30 in part because I like the way it “counts” by 100 as I go through. Size 200 is the largest you can use iirc.


Thanks for catching this.

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Did some additional reading. Pressing enter will give you ‘view more unreviewed’ instead of skipping to the next page. Apparently one has to mark every single observation as reviewed. I like keyboard shortcuts since using a computer mouse gives me the creeps (RSI problems).

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you can click Mark all as reviewed at the top or the bottom of the page. Then click the next.

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Yeah, same here. You could shift-tab over to the “skip” or “mark all” buttons on that last modal dialog. You wouldn’t need the mouse for that.


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