ID jumping to next observation

I noticed today for the first time in the Identification pane (on chrome) I would type in an ID, press enter, and then hit my arrow key to go to the next observation. Sometimes, the ID would show up on the next observation instead of the first, even though I hadn’t started typing. I hadn’t noticed this happening before, and it only happened 3-4 times, and I caught almost all of them before I moved on, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen.

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By “press enter” do you mean arrow down + Enter + Enter? Or clicking the taxon in the drop-down and then clicking Save?

Was the ID saved/added to the 2nd observation? Was it saved/added to the 1st?

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I haven’t noticed it since I posted, so maybe it was a couple weird flukes.

My process was ‘type in the first few letters of the taxon I’m looking for’ -> ‘arrow key down to one I’m looking for’ -> ‘press enter to select’ -> ‘press enter to save’ -> ‘right arrow to the next observation’

It was saved/added to the next observation, and not added to the first


I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me, although sometimes it takes a moment for the Identify modal to catch up to the next observation if you’re going at a pretty good clip. Compare, I notice, hangs quite a bit.