Google Analytics for projects

Does iNaturalist use Google Analytics? I know that observations can be ‘shared’ among different projects so the directory structure of the iNaturalist website would not allow the hits on all observations in a project to be monitored. I would be curious however to have an indication of the hits on the project homepage if nothing else - Australasian Fishes. Any suggestions?
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iNaturalist has the Analytics code on the website (with tracking code UA-248105-5). Not sure about the Android and iOS apps.

Maybe the data could be exported to Data Studio, that way it should be fairly straightforward to export some data about projects.

However I’m not an iNat developer, there might be other considerations, technical or otherwise, for sharing the data.

Thank you for your reply attilaolah. I’m not sure what the tracking code means. I’ll seek help. :)

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