GPS accuracy not added to observation on Android

I’ve run into an issue that I don’t understand and am not sure how to fix it. On my smartphone running Android 10, when I add an observation via the iNat app (1.21.10) by choosing previously snapped photos from my phone gallery, the GPS coords are added to the observation but the accuracy us not. If instead, I start in the iNat app and take photos, the GPS accuracy is recorded. Is this expected behavior?

I’m using the default Samsung photo app. I have verified using exif that the accuracy is in the photo metadata. And I’ve also tried several other camera apps from the app store.

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Is it a bug?

My Android phone doesn’t record accuracy when I take photos with the main camera, so accuracy is only recorded when I take photos with the iNat app.

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Might be, but it sounds more like one than not.

Consider this post closed. I added a duplicate of it in the Bugs category and can’t seem to delete this one.

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