Bug? GPS accuracy not added to observation on Android

One user told me “move this to bug reports,” but I’m not at all sure this is a bug. So please pardon me if it is not.

I’ve run into an issue that I don’t understand and am not sure how to fix it. On my smartphone running Android 10, when I add an observation via the iNat app (1.21.10) by choosing previously snapped photos from my phone gallery, the GPS coords are added to the observation but the accuracy us not. If instead, I start in the iNat app and take photos, the GPS accuracy is recorded. Is this expected behavior?

I’m using the default Samsung camera app, version I have verified using exif that the accuracy is in the photo metadata. And I’ve also tried several other camera apps from the app store.

Thoughts? If this is a bug, consider this a report.

When I said to move it I meant to edit the post and change what category it was in, not create a new post. I don’t really know how to explain the process, if it’s too complicated you can just delete the other post and keep this one. :man_shrugging:

How are you getting your photo into the app? Are you sharing from your gallery or are you starting in the iNat app and importing the photo?

But isn’t it ok and expected? Phone sometimes does record accuracy but mostly not, that’s why most phone observations lack accuracy.

tiwane, I am sharing from my gallery

I verified that the photos have accuracy using exif. What do you mean by “sometimes?”

In my similar case, in iNaturalist, when prompted to choose photos, I select Photo Gallery to choose pics, and proceed as directed by the website. The photos load, but the metadata does not, despite displaying the message ‘loading metadata’.

I compared my iPhone settings to Carrie’s (@carrieseltzer) iPhone settings, as the metadata successfully load for her. As far as I can tell so far, my software and settings match hers. (https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/am-i-doing-something-wrong-website-uploader-does-not-grab-date-location-info/22333)

Thanks. If you start in the iNaturalist app, tap on the Plus button and select “Choose Image” you can import photos that way. If you use that method, is GPS accuracy included?

Can you please send one of the photos to help@inaturalist.org?

I have the same issue, whether I start from the Gallery or from the iNat app.