Greece - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring on Greece on the World Tour today.

Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. Thoughts on these places?

What can we do to help get more people using iNaturalist in Greece?

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Hello there,

I have noticed that the Kastellorizo archipelago (Kastellorizo, Ro, Strongili and numerous islets) are not included in the Greek region, but in the Turkish (apparently because it is far from the rest of Greek islands?). Could you fix that?



Are you noticing this for a particular taxon? It may be that the biogeography for those islands is more similar to Turkey than to Greece, and may have been mapped accordingly for particular species.

I re-opened this topic and put the above two posts to it.

It is politically part of Greece yet the details for any observations show it as being in Turkey

Apparently the GADM shape isn’t following the boundaries set by the 1932 Italian-Turkish convention.

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Yes. I guess it should be very simple for you to fix. Thanks.

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Almost four months ago and it still isn’t fixed…

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Kastellorizo (and the archipelago around it; Ro, Strongili and numerous islets) are politically in Greece since 1948. However, when you select Greece as a region in iNaturalist, Kastellorizo is not included. On the contrary it seems to be included in Turkey. I have repeatedly asked for this issue to be fixed. Still nothing…


I have noticed this issue too. I have one observation from Kastellorizo and the location is obscured since it’s a vulnerable species, but it says “Turkey” instead of “Greece”. Sure, the island is just 2 km off the Turkish coast, but it belongs to Greece, so it makes the location of my observation totally wrong.

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It’s been a long time since this issue was brought up and still isn’t fixed. As mentioned above I believe that it isn’t so hard to fix. It’s a shame that this little island isn’t included in the Greek map as it hosts some really surprising and unique species of the Greek fauna. I hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks

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Hi entzi and kseniiamarianna, apologies for the long silence. I’m sorry that Kastellorizo and its neighboring islands have been included with Turkey instead of with Greece. Since we’re currently relying on GADM as an external source for our boundaries, we recommend contacting them about the error as well.

It unfortunately is never easy or quick to fix boundaries of Standard Places in iNaturalist. Names are easy to fix, but not the boundaries themselves. For the time being, there are two community curated places that correctly associate Kastellorizo as part of Greece:

kastelorizo Greece, GR Island

Kastelorizo, Aegean, GR Local Administrative Area

There looks to be a contact link here:

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