Greenout - has anyone experienced it?

Anyone ever suffered from being greened out by staring at green plants too long? It happens to me if I am looking at a mass of evergreen brush, rosemary bushes, a mass of fine foliaged trees, staring at the images of the above. That means my research and IDing capabilities go to zero too. This phenomenon is the big reason I try to snap pictures of colored flowers, even without any uploading purposes. Insect observations help a lot too. Except I am no insect pro.

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I believe it’s a natural reaction of retina being exposed to too much light of one part of colour spectrum.

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Oh, I already feel better. Thanks.
There’s no greenout when exploring the desert, of course.


This is why I’ve become a zoologist.


I 'd like to as well, but the subjects of my interest are fast moving or flying. So I read about them on wikipedia.

So are mine :wink:

What do you mean by “greenout”? Is this a physical phenomenon or mental fatigue?

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maybe a visual-mental, perceptive fatigue. Staring at many species of the same genus erases all perception of morphological difference.

hey, I just clicked on your profile,expecting to see bats in flight, but saw a list of frogs. Those are sure slow enough for my photo skills! :-)

Though I haven’t suffered greenout, I have experienced a more common version in which you look too much at a bright object, in most cases the sun with your eyelids closed, and all the “red cones” get worn out and for a little while afterward, everything seems to lack red and looks bluish instead.


Maybe in Israel :)
In my experience with frogs in New Jersey, they’re skittish, terribly fast swimmers, and tough to sneak up on.


I’d call your case a red bleaching. Good one?

What do you mean by “good one”?

good one - the new name of Red Bleaching.

Sometimes it is best to take a break or stare up at the sky for a while or down at the path. When I used to have to colour match I would take a break and look up at a neutral coloured (off white) wall for a brief break. A small amount of info here:


that makes sense. That’s why for me it helps through processing images of red beetles and colorful flowers.