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help! I have posted several photos of the same species collected in different locations and would prefer to add them all to one observations. But I cannot see how to do that to include all the infor about lat, lon and date of collection. Help! from helen48

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Hi Helen! If you saw a species/organism at different times and locations, they should always be documented as separate observations on iNaturalist.

An observation records an encounter with an individual organism at a particular time and location. This includes encounters with signs of organisms like tracks, nests, or things that just died. You should make separate observations for each separate critter you encounter. iNaturalist provides a place to add this information along with associated text, photos, and tags. If you revisit an organism, such as returning to a plant when it’s in bloom for additional photographs, you should make a separate observation because it was observed on a different date.

If you want to see all your observations of a particular species on one page, you can click “Your Observations” at the top of and then search for that species.

Like this:

Let us know if that doesn’t address your question.


This and is the same leaf, you don’t need to merge different specimens, but you need to delete duplicate.

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