Multiple photos of the same plant species

How to explain to users that they can drag multiple photos of the same plant into one entry when they upload? Is there a post or guideline that explains this that I could message them with?

As long as you’re referring to photos in separate observations of the same individual plant (and not different observations of different plants that happen to be the same species), you can direct people to the video tutorials, which cover this:


There are suggested responses for a number of commonly encountered issues here:

I think this is the scenario you mean:

Near Duplicates (same organism but different photos): It looks like you uploaded another observation of this organism at the same time. It’s recommended to combine the photos into a single observation rather than to add separate observations of the same thing. I recommend deleting this one and adding the photo to the other observation. Thank you!
[link to other observation(s)]


Thank you. Those are both helpful suggestions. I will message the ‘naturalist’ about them.

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