Happy 97th, Sir David Attenborough!

What an absolutely amazing career, and person.

Here’s a 2 year old recap video that helps make the case.



Yes, absolutely amazing. And now, remembering that he has not been just about the animals . . . https://peabodyawards.com/award-profile/the-private-life-of-plants/


Happy birthday to David Attenborough! One of the most incredible naturalists!

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I’ve always had an ambivalent attitude to Sir Dave. He was an excellent narrator, presenter, and advocate for the natural world. There is little doubt of that. I don’t think he was a great naturalist though. He didn’t do much in the way of research. He wasn’t the person doing the videography. He didn’t write the stories. He was a great frontman but that is about it.

On the negative side, I think his programs have had a dampening effect on others. How can small conservation groups compete with the BBC and Sir David? If an organization can’t reduce 30 days of high-resolution timelapse photography into 60 seconds of high-quality film how can they capture the attention of the public? Attention matters. Sir Dave et. al. have raised the bar so high that it is difficult for naturalists to compete for public attention.

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Yes, that is a good point. I’ve heard the complaint that after you’ve watched Life on Earth, the real world is a disappointment. On the whole, though, I think he has done far more good than harm. It would be a shame if wildlife programmes were just talking meerkats and burly blokes wrestling alligators.

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