Prehistoric Planet Season Two

Those of us here who are interested in paleontology, paleobiology, and natural history may already have seen the recently released trailers for season two of Prehistoric Planet, once again narrated by Sir David Attenborough (I’ll link the most recent trailer here).
Thought I’d create a thread to share feelings, ideas, predictions, concerns, etc about the upcoming five episodes. Feel free to share your thoughts/discuss here.


I don’t have much to add beyond that I loved the first season and am thrilled to see that Apple decided to produce a second season. Here’s hoping that they continue with further seasons that explore other periods of Earth’s prehistory!

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I got kind of annoyed with the first season because the plants and insects weren’t very accurate. Unfortunately, very few people who watch care about anything other than the vertebrates.

Every one of these shows has inaccurate plants, but I was expecting more from something so big. To render the world as it was, you will need special effects for the plants in every shot.

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I agree, it broke the feeling a tad to see lots of the non-megafaunal organisms just be extant species. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again in Season 2.

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