Happy (firework-less) New Year!

Just wanted to thank all of you for being part of this great big adventure we call iNaturalist.

May all your 2024 observing dreams come true!

And instead of environmentally damaging fireworks, how about… this?

(Spongey moth molt)

And for the protozoan fans among us…


I had a lousy 2023 and am exquisitely happy to close the book on it. Happy 2024!

Pease enjoy this Thioniini planthopper! They always remind me of bottle rockets.


Here’s a few natural “fireworks” I recently uploaded. (actually observed in 2022)


GREAT idea! I am going to ‘borrow’ that one.

But not for a while.

(Though I did see a Firefly just last week up near Ottawa.)

I’d be happy to never see or hear a firework again. :)

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