Have each user's "Your Observations" page show only true locations

This is pretty minor, but since the page isn’t public anyway, it would be nice to have the “Your Observations” map show only true locations for observations. It’s interesting to see all the places you’ve observed things scattered across the map, but right now any obscured observation (in my case, mostly automatic conservation status related) gives its false obscured location on the map.

Since every user has access to their true observation locations anyway, it would be great to have the personal map show them.

I agree with this %100, but would go one step further. I’d like to see all iNaturalist maps (Your Observations, Explore/Observations/Search) display observations at their real or obscured location based on the observation’s location permissions. So if I have permission to see the real location of an observation (such as my own), the maps should reflect that.

I don’t know if that would be too intensive to calculate in real-time, but if so, it could be limited to the web interface, and maybe only take effect at a certain zoom level, where there would be fewer observations on the map?


This exact thought was on my mind earlier. The area I tend to observe in is starting to turn into a solid block of tiles that are mostly from obscured obvservations, and it would be nice to see pins in the places where I always obscure when viewing at closer zoom levels.


Eg. If you were an admin in a project where users have given project curators permission to view private/obscurd coordinates? You already have permission to see them in the observation,
but you’d be able to see them on the map too?

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I agree this would be nice but am guessing it’s just a lot more data and computation- intensive to query/display for each separate user and their own permissions, etc.


Yes, that’s a good example. But personally, I’d be happy with just my own obscured observations showing in their real locations on maps.