Threatened species obscured locations

I know that observations of threatened species get their true location obsecured, and are displayed to other users at another place (picked from a rectangle buffer around the true location). I think this is a great feature and a great way of protecting sensitive species’ locations.

What I dont find great is the fact that to me (the original observer) these observations are still obscured. Take this observation as an example:

On my profile, under “Observations”, this observation is represented in a place I’ve never even visited before. I know that this happens because my profile is public, and so the location has to be protected from people visiting my profile and looking at the map.

What I’d like to know is this: is there any setting I can change to have my observations represented on the right place on the map with those orange squares? Only for me of course, the representation for other users would stay the same.

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When I check mine, if you’re on the “Observations” page, then they’re obscured. But when I click through to the individual observation page, they show up in the correct place.


this request is very similar to, i think. in that discussion, the word from iNat staff was:

i’m not sure what the design / roadmap for the Explore page revamp looks like, but if it touches on the Observations page associated with your profile, then i would assume that the above statement would apply to what you’re asking, too. even if the Explore page revamp doesn’t impact the Observations page directly, the map with all the orange squares is shared throughout the system. so if they don’t update that, then what you’re asking for probably can’t be (fully) addressed either.

I’m a bit annoyed by this as well. Many of my observations of threatened species are near the coast, so often the obscured location is shown somewhere in the middle of the Indian ocean. This, however, is a small problem and is justified.

But even on the individual observation page, there is a point in the correct place, but another on the “alternative location” place (both for the same observation)

Yes, the request is almost the same, although the author of that post has all of his observations obscured on his own initiative.

From what I understood from that post, do have observations displayed on their true location for the owner and on their obscured ones for the rest of the users is too hard to code or too “heavy” for servers.

Let’s wait to see what the Explore page revamp will introduce. Thank you for your answer!

Yes, I know it is quite a small issue, with a quite good motive behind it. I just dont like seeing my observations in places I’ve never visited or even in the middle of the ocean

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