Help exporting photographs to make hard copy catalogs for personal use

I am trying to figure out the best way to catalog my observations as hard copies for personal use. Has anyone found a simple way to export the photos with species and date/time information? I am imagining binders for specific taxa that allow me to showcase, add and organize observations.


The site offers no public facing tools to bulk download photos, even your own, as a measure to stop people using the site as a free backup service.

If you are comfortable doing API programming, then there are some ways to do it, otherwise, your only option is the download photos one at a time.

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Bummer. Since I don’t know what API programming is, I don’t think that’s an option! Thank you.

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there are ways to do this, and different methods have different limitations / hurdles. maybe take a look at the threads below, and see if anything mentioned there might work for you:

there are also tools like Microsoft BI that might help to do something similar to what’s described in the second item above (though i would guess most people will have a really hard time using something like that, or maybe that’s just me being too pessimistic).

that said, if looks like you have a ton of observations, and each “original” sized photo is ~2.5MB. so maybe consider downloading only the observations you really want to download, or at least breaking things up in batches.

also… if you’re going to download a bunch of media, it might be good karma to make a(n extra) gift to iNaturalist to cover the cost of all the extra traffic.

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Okay - you have given me a lot to think about… thanks so much. It might just be easier for me to go back to my photos, print them out, and write in species, date, time info… But I will explore everything you have laid out. Thank you. And if I move forward I will give another / bigger gift to iNat… I am definitely a superfan

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