Help needed with native plant marked as introduced

A native plant is marked as introduced in a place where it is native.
Observation concerned:
with the pink exclamation dot near the name on top, with the pop-up: « Introduced in Western Ghats, IN: arrived in the region via anthropogenic means ».
But Western Ghats is not a place that appears when I edit the atlas…

I tried to fix the atlas: species is marked present and native in South Goa Check List, and the observation is listed in the « Observations from this place »
I also checked all the subdivisions of India concerning Western Ghats (unless I missed one?).
I used POWO as a source for the atlas:

Did I make a mistake when trying to fix the atlas? Or is the problem somewhere else?

You need to check the taxon as it is listed within the Western Ghats place checklist, and change its status there, at the following link:

To get there, you need to:

  1. Search for Western Ghats, IN as a place:
  2. Click View Checklist Page:
  3. Search the checklist for the relevant species:
  4. Click Edit

@t_e_d Just fixed it. The pink exclamation mark should be gone now. If there is no exclamation point or star, the plant is native to the area.

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Thank you very much @deboas and @yayemaster !

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@t_e_d @deboas and @yayemaster … thank you very much all, for your efforts to set the facts right !!

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