Introduced species doesn't have any indication of being introduced

I encountered a species which is introduced but it does not show an indication of such. When and how are plants determined to be labeled as introduced?

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Hello, welcome to the iNat Forum! There are a lot of species that aren’t listed as native or introduced (non-native) in different places.

To add a new listing, in the main header search:

  • Search for the place of interest, e.g. the state, country, or other place you are interested in, then click “About”. Choose the largest area to which the status applies, e.g. all of North America if it is introduced to the continent, rather than a specific country, state, or province.
  • Lefthand side (scroll down)>View check list page
  • Search for taxon where it says “Type taxon name”
  • If not on list, “Add to list” and add taxon to list
  • Once on list, click “Edit” next to the taxon
  • Click the edit button next to “Establishment Means”, make your changes, and click Save

To change an existing listing go to the taxon page:

  • Click the “Status” tab
  • Under “Establishment Means”, click “View” next to the place
    • If it doesn’t appear on the status tab (too many places listed or none at all), you’ll have to follow the steps above to search for the place and go to the place checklist.
  • Click the edit button next to “Establishment Means”, make your changes, and click Save

I just updated the establishment means for Veronica biloba in North America from unknown to introduced:


Great answer @bouteloua

When you add or change the Establishment Means, note that there’s also an “Add a Comment” box. It’s helpful to add a comment there including the source website or reference for why you’ve tagged the taxon as Introduced, Endemic, or (non-endemic) Native. For some taxa, this is clear cut, but for others it’s not, so providing a source is useful.


Thank you both, for the great information.

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Thank you for these instructions. There are no species of Deroceras native to Australia and following your instructions, I was able to change the Establishment means for three Deroceras species to ‘Introduced’ in the Australian check list. However as it is often difficult to determine species from a photo, there are many observations only IDd to genus and these are not noted as ‘Introduced’. Do I need to flag this for curation, or is there a way that I can change the status of a genus? Thanks.

Hi @bushblitz, welcome to the iNat forum! You should be able to follow the same instructions in order to mark the genus as introduced to Australia. You may have to add the genus to the Place checklist and make sure that it’s filtering to “rank=any” instead of showing just species. Let me know if you can’t get it figured out and I can help troubleshoot.


Many thanks. I added the genus to the Place checklist and changed the filter to ‘rank=any’ then it worked. I will pass this info on to our project curators in the hope that we can get more introduced taxa labelled as such. I think many people assume that a taxon is native if it is not noted as introduced - I certainly used to.


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