Help with different count-number of species

Dear Community,
I observed a difference between the count-number of species i already discovered. On the main “Obeservation-Site” it says i have 88 species observed, in my profil only 59 species are oberved and if i click on species 77 species are observed. See screenshots:

Could someone explain this issue to me ?

BR Dirk

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Welcome to the forum! I have the same problem. I don’t know why though.

‘Species’ means different things on different pages. It can be very confusing.

Somewhere there is a thread that explains (or at least attempts to) it all, but it is hard to find as searching on the term species gives many results.

Perhaps one of the @forum_moderators who have better knowledge of all the topics can find and link to it .


I guess there are a few forum threads that mention it, but I think I would start the information on



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part of the problem might be related to the temporary freeze on life list updates (unless they’ve lifted the freeze early?):

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