Help with German Wasps

Hi new to the group, I live in Dartmouth NS and a tenant at our community park seems to have an infestation of German Wasps, wondering if anyone can offer what to do to get rid of them. she lives in an apartment building consisting of 3 levels, they building maintenance and Abell Pest have come an sprayed and even put screen in her bathroom vent because thats where they said they were coming in. she is still killing 20+ per day! she has a small baby in the unit and has looked everywhere to try to figure out where they might be coming in.Any help would be appreciated.

Has the “infestation” began recently with the oncoming of cold weather? The likely cause is wasps seeking warmth in their apartment, rather than an “infestation”.

During the fall, social wasps (minus the queen) succumb to the cold weather and lack of food. As winter approaches, the social structures of social wasps nests begin to crumble and its every wasp for themselves. Trying to survive, they often end up seeking out warmth (in areas such as an apartment or house) to try and escape the cold. It’s a common occurrence once temps get in the 60’s F. There was a post very similar to this one on this forum of someone finding dead wasps in their house for the same reasons.

My suggestion would be to fill any gaps or crevices to prevent them from coming in. It’s much more likely they’re squeezing in through some tiny holes in the apartment. Maybe call a different pest control company to help search for any holes they could be getting in through? This problem will also go away on its own pretty soon, I believe temps in the 40’s F is when they struggle to fly at all and by the time it hits freezing they should all be dead and no longer an issue. It’s also pretty likely they will end up dying soon after entering the house regardless, as they are likely weak (due to food being scarce) and would need a food source to survive for long. They are also likely too weak to bother/sting anyone, including the baby, so I wouldn’t worry too much about their presence being dangerous, but they can definitely be an annoyance.


thank you for the info, I have passed it on to the resident

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