Help with Spider ID

Spotted a spider on some some prostrate veg under bracken fern having a bright lime green colour.
He/she was robust in size and shape like many in Salticidae, not a very fast mover, the stripe on his back was not longwise but across. It was wide, cream in colour with a touch of tea green perhaps.
Not much luck with the id process- if the spider is in those search results, then more persistence was required. If the tag of “green” isn’t associated with that id, then very unusual, because it was the first thing that came to mind when first spotted.
Sorry, no camera shot, but could get it out in that location for a shot if the spider is still around. Any clues to the id appreciated.

Did you use iNat to check how many species of spiders (or that type of spider) are found in your general location?


Hi Laurie. Heads up that the forum is for discussing iNat (e.g., bug reports, feature requests, tutorials), whereas iNat itself ( is for identifying organisms you see.

The best practice here would be one of two things:

  1. Post an observation with no photo attached, and with your description above in the comments. This will stay casual, but it may help with getting it ID’ed.
  2. Post an observation with a drawing of the spider, exactly as you remember it.

Perhaps the most important thing here is what @kmforum mentioned above, which is the general geographic area you’re in; this will dramatically narrow down the number of options and will quite possibly get you an ID in combination with your description.


Is there a photo of the spider??

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Is it not appropriate to ask for help with identifying something you weren’t able to get a photo of? I thought that would be something fair to make post about on here.

From my interpretation of the forum guidelines, no


Cross linked the observation here

The filter location was initially tagged Australia, and clicked it to bring up the option of Australia’s SE Coastal Wilderness, AU. Didn’t realise it could be narrowed further by clearing the box entirely and providing the shire name: Bega Valley, NS, AU. Sorry.
As it turned out, the search hits were pretty much the same, so will continue the searching. :smile:


Great, thanks for that. I’ll close the thread here to focus on the observation itself. I’ve commented on the observation for you