Cryptic diversity in parasitoid wasps: iNat gets a shout out in the NYTimes

Coverage of some hardcore insect systematics/taxonomy in the New York Times (strangely).
iNaturalist gets a shout out! A small parasitic wasp Ormyrus labotus, once thought to be a generalist gall-piercer, appears to be comprised of a number of distinct species based on genetics.

Cool to see this very specialized basic research covered in a major newspaper.

A Parasitic Wasp Unmasked: One Species Is Actually 16 Species


Hey that’s my lab! Here’s a couple more articles on this Ormyrus research that are not paywalled, though they don’t mention iNat explicitly:, Oh also here is the paper they are referencing, you can thank Andrew Forbes for the cheeky title

iNaturalist is a super useful tool for figuring out which areas to target for field collections. And in my case (though I study fungi, not wasps) iNat has connected me with awesome people who collect and send me fungi samples.


This is awesome! Congrats @sarahduhon and your lab!

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Thanks for sharing @sarahduhon. Great to see how researchers are using iNaturalist.

I learned about that through EntomologyToday, didn’t know this was a big enough deal to make mainstream news!

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