Hey California, do you have brome or wild oats?

UC Irvine would like to have them!


Cool! I’m not sure if we have any still growing now. I’ll have to check.

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What? As accessions? California brome our endemic one?

Hi! The text of my first post is a link to instructions.

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Oh, that’s exciting! I didn’t realize that your comment was actually a link to the instructions. I will participate. Sounds like fun and important. It’s something that I was hoping that someone would be doing.

Does it matter fresh vs. dead material? Want a url of the observation to see what the plant looked like at collection?

Would proximity to roads be something you’re interested in comparing within a single area?

I’m actually not the owner of the study, I just got the PDF flyer which I linked in the first post, to pass along. It’s been a couple months now so it may be too late to participate. @bouteloua maybe we should close the topic?

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