Hints for Photographers of Fungi

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I’ve been trying to ID fungi, but many of the photographs only show the top down view. We really need to see the gills and the stalk to make it possible to ID. If you’re photographing Fungi, please include:
-Top view
-View of the underside of the cap.
-Side view so we can see how the cap attaches to the stalk.

It would also be really nice to have:
-view of the underground portion
-spore print (https://youtu.be/cMz-GPl_b_4)

Are there quick how-to guides to help people take good photos of organisms?


https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/photographing-for-optimum-id/32580/4 some supplemental information


is it OK to pick fungi for the spore prints/ underground portion?

Are you asking in the legal sense, or the ethical sense?

Legally, at least here in California, it’s against the rules in most parks, even if you’re not foraging. So you have to be aware of local regulations.

Ethically, at least among mycologists I know, it doesn’t really hurt the fungus as the fruiting body will die and/or break off at some point, and the act of picking and moving the fruiting body will shake spores off, spreading them. But I imagine there are disgareements here, and also differing views on whether it’s OK to do it and deprive others of seeing the mushroom, etc.


Ok, thanks, I was thinking it could help distribute spores, but I won’t pick them in public spaces where ppl would want to see them.

Here are some guides on photographing fungi for ID.


Using these guidelines will get a better ID sooner.


Thanks. That’s exactly what I was hoping was on here.

Now that I know the title of the thread, it’s obvious. I did do a search before posting and didn’t find it, so maybe it could somehow be made more obvious.

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This happens all the time, when a new topic is about something that has been discussed before. This is where the linking of threads is useful here, but I do not know how to do that nor do I think I have the authority to do so.

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