Homepage doesn't renew

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Step 1: Homepage hasn’t been renewed for some time. I know that some of my observations were determined or confirmed, but I don’t see it on my homepage.

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Step 3:


Same for me. Almost no new updates on my homepage since about 7:20 pm USEDT Saturday, March 21. A few updates came in early Sunday morning, March 22, but many fewer than normal.


I have got one update since the last evening, when @erwin_pteridophilos mentioned me in one of the observations.

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Big backlog of notifications atm, around 9 hour delay for me currently


The same - updates are late for 9 hours

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Works! Have got about 200 updates.


Yes, the logjam is broken, and updates (including many from last evening) are starting to appear. Thank you for the fix!


same for me! :)
apparetly iNat got covid19 :upside_down_face: