Homonym disambiguation

I start my daily IDs from Kingdom Disagreement (I’ve cleared Africa. 10K left for the rest of you)

Some are - multiple species and the observer didn’t say which. Or observer DID say ‘the pink flower’ but identifiers see, the tree behind, the bug crawling along the petal.

But some are trapped by homonyms.

Made a test post for an example

What triggers iNat to display that second helpful line of explanatory text with the ID?
For example - a member of Family Cladoniaceae Spindles and Structured Lichens

If that was always attached to each ID, it could help avoid confusion. At least sometimes.


I think it only shows up when either:
A) The suggested ID is a taxon with no common name – iNat shows “A member of [lowest taxon with a common name that the suggested taxon belongs to]”
B) The suggested ID is of a (non-hybrid) rank between genus and species (e.g., subgenus or section) – iNat shows “A member of [parent genus]”


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