Taxons with same names - show closest on top

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When adding or suggesting an ID, the suggestions shown are usually (99%) in the correct Phylum. But when I type the genus name and there happen to be multiple taxa with the same name, we may get the wrong taxon on top.

When multiple taxa with the same name exist, it should be able to show the closest taxon on top. Now it shows in any order and it isn’t too uncommon to accidentally select the first incorrect result.

This screenshot shows the initial suggestion when the field is still blank. The results are all spiders. But after typing the genus “Lycopus”, the plant Lycopus appears on top instead of the spider Lycopus. iNat should be able to tell the difference and put the closest Lycopus on top.

I approved this, but I don’t think it would a simple change.

Once you start typing in the field, iNaturalist is solely relying on what you type - previous computer vision results are not taken into account. So there would have to be some way for the computer vision result to be retained and then used to weight results once you start typing.


Maybe just an indication of a homonym would be helpful. Or photos that are very clear (which anyone could do).

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This happens often.
Which is why I clear Kingdom Disagreements for Africa every day.

It can also be caused by that ‘glitch in the universe’ where the identifier clicks the second one by mistake. But Identifiers unsee - that is the wrong family/ up to Kingdom, and they unsee that teensy taxon picture doesn’t fit what I CLICKED!

(Human error? When IDing, check that you got what you ordered?)

Agree totally

Working on those now. People think every seaweed is Codium!

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