Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge - Social Unrest

Dear All,

I’m the main organiser for the Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge. Recently, students from over 30 schools took observations in and around their school campus in a friendly competition. We feel this is a great way for students to be informed of the species, both wild and cultivated, around their neighbourhoods and we’ve had some great feedback.


Unfortunately, the recent social unrest has meant that schools are having to make tough decisions regarding staying open or closed and we sympathise with the stress that they all must be going through. With this in mind, we extended our ID period to 6pm, Friday 22nd November yet we concede that teachers and students may have more pressing issues to face.

For all of you iNaturalist Identifiers out there, THANK YOU SO MUCH . We appreciate every single one of your efforts and I’m sure you have made a positive impression to many of our participants. However, the current situation has limited our volunteers and students’ capacity to be fully involved in the HKISCNC and this has affected our ability to offer IDs to our observations. We are trying to manage this as best we can yet we would appreciate your continued assistance especially up until our new deadline.

Once again, Thank you.



I hope this conflict can be resolved peacefully and that everyone stays safe.
And thank you for letting us know about the ID date extension.


be safe, we will get the data figured out later.

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