Hong Kong - iNaturalist World Tour

Today we’re focusing on Hong Kong on the World Tour. What can we do to make iNaturalist better in Hong Kong?

Here’s the GADM Level 1 places we’re using (no Level 2 places in this instance). Do these look correct? Are they widely known and used?

The site looks to be more or less fully translated into Traditional Chinese on both the Web and Mobile. What is the experience like using the translated site and apps? Do they work or could they be improved? If so, how?

What could we do to improve outreach in Hong Kong?


Hi Scott,

Many thanks for the efforts for Cantonese translation via the Traditional Chinese character set.

HK political/admin boundaries… District boundaries (roughly equivalent to UK parishes geographically) are not really used very much as far as I’m aware for biological data analysis as HK is so small to start with (just 1100km2), though I have used them as a basis for local distribution of moths in the illustrated guide (book) that I’m working on. The boundaries look reasonably accurate, though (like any political boundary) are likely to be changed as and when it suits the govt before elections. Many locals are familiar with the concept of districts in HK.

HKG outreach - that’s likely to be down to local users getting out into the press and social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and so on) and making more noise… The City Nature Challenge has been a great component of educational outreach and should be built upon - the National Moth Week is another area that gets promoted, but perhaps other projects need pushing - all takes volunteer time. Getting grant funding to employ outreach staff to run projects is definitely a way to improve the iNat “market share”, as we have seen with the NatGeo funding for CNC.

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