How can I find the very first observation on iNaturalist?

I want to find out what is the very first observation ever posted to iNaturalist. First, I tried using the URL, typing in low numbers, like this:

These came up as nonexistent. So next I figured, maybe it started with x number of digits, not just one. I tried:

All these also came up nonexistent.

So next I went to “Explore,” did not enter a location or taxon, and set the filter to ascending. The first observation that comes up is

Now, is that actually the first? Its number is already in the nine hundred thousands. It is not the first; when I manually entered
That also comes up as an existing observation.

How can I find the very first iNaturalist observation?

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look at this


Yup, was just about to post that. Apparently there’s speculation on whether or not there was an observation #0 or #1, but seems to be the earliest recorded observation.

If I deselect “verifiable” in the filter box and use submission date in ascending order I get:

Argentina anserinoides (New Zealand Silverweed) submitted January 04, 2007 by Gay Munro.

Surely not the kiwis beating the world … again! :grin: :grin:

And that link has a comment from Ken-Ichi on how to parse the search URL for observations in sequential order.

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Actually it says it was observed on Jan 04 2007 and submitted on Jan 03 2007. Very clever to be able to submit an observation before actually observing it.

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