My personal first observations of a species

is there a query so i can list out my personal first observations of all the species I have seen?

Probably not. Sorry.

Though maybe you could do it with JavaScript. You would have to view all your observations first and then run the script on the page. It seems like it would be pretty complex, especially when there’s subspecies/varieties to worry about.

This could get you half way there, perhaps:
Especially the “Sort by Dates, Faves, or Randomly” section, so you could add the following text to the end of the url in “Your Observations”:


which sorts by first observed in ascending (first-to-last) order, and then filter by a species / group of interest. Ideally you would only show a single observation per species, which I’m not sure how to do.

In full this would be something like: just replace my user ID with yours

here’s a related feature request:

here’s the closest thing you can get in the system, i think:

outside of the system, there are lots of ways to get an answer:

  • you could write something (in HTML+Javascript, just Javascript, R, Python, etc.) to figure this out by getting data via the API
  • you could download your observations as CSV, aggregate by taxon, and then get the min(id) and/or min(date) by taxon. (this could be done using Excel, R, SQL, etc.)

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