How can I identify birds when they're flying

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When birds are flying, there are many ways to identify them. First, you can look at the flight pattern. For example, some hawks will glide, unlike sparrows which will usually flap their wings. Then, you can look at the birds colour and size, which can help you narrow down the bird species a little bit. Lastly, you can view the wing shape. As an example, swallow wings are very different than warbler wing shapes. With a combination of all these factors, you may be able to identify a flying bird.

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This actually helps me a lot:

  • Brahminy Kites just go in a circle with rounded wings with back-curved tips and a round tail, except when they are low in elevation.
  • White-bellied sea eagles generally just soar, but their short tails, proportionally long wings that angle forwards at the shoulder giving it a V-shape, along with their ENORMOUS size, just make this bird extremely distinctive.
  • Crested Honey Buzzards are rather rapid in flight, with no flapping but very shallow circles, and theyre long tail separates them from Brahminy Kites.

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