How can I record a hybrid not listed in iNaturalist

I have posted a photograph that, after some discussion with others on iNaturalist, have concluded is an apparent hybrid between two species of minnows. This hybridization is generally recognized in the scientific literature but doesn’t show up as an option in iNaturalist. I have left it at the genus level but would like to know if there is an accepted way of recognizing this hybrid.

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You can flag the Genus and request a curator add the hybrid.



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Just to be clear, since the hybrid you wish to add is a fish, there is actually only one curator who can do it. So it is a matter of that person taking action.

Fish are among a group of taxon groups whose editing is restricted to specially designated curators.


I’ve flagged the genus and I have been notified that it has been passed on to the curator for consideration. I’m happy with that.

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